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Shifting Gears: PorterWorks 2.0

Forcing Function:  "a constraint where the user "is forced" to complete a task based on a limited, paired down set of features or controls." ( Thanks to Experienced Dynamics)  Constraints can pertain to many things, including a major malfunction of a Web site, changes in health, adjustments in market viability of products and get our intention.  At PorterWorks we are not unfamiliar with change, having seen much of it over the more than 20 years our moniker has existed.  So here we go...shifting gears again and having to do so at an accelerated speed partly due to the forcing function of a crumbling Web site in need of immediate repair!

So, for the time being, welcome to PorterWorks 2.0!  This will be--at least temporarily--our Web site home.  It is indeed limited and paired down but still operational--as are we.  You'll find here the most important, immediate things you need; and if you can't find what you're looking for, you can at least find us, as before, at the same place.  By phone: 888-391-9966; by email:  Call or write. Don't be a stranger!

And keep looking back at this site to find out what's coming as we continue to shift gears!